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Gave it a go...

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Failed-Forbidden...impossible to download. is not great with file over 1GB if you are from EU.

I have uploaded the demo to Game Jolt -

Let me know if it works for you. Thanks!

Yes,it's fine!

A big thank you and already pledged on Kickstarter :)

It was a torture to not be able to download the Demo...your game look just AMAZING!!!

I absolutely LOVED this demo!

I'm a huge fan of strategy games, and I really liked the idea of cards and deck building for your character, together with the RPG-like leveling and all.

The animations and characters look wonderful, IMHO.

I did run in one bug though, whilst in one battle, a character got defeated, yet I could still use it to move/attack, even though the corpse was still on the same place when defeated. It was in the second battle in the Guild HQ with Eliza, in case that would help.

Anyway, that all being said, I decided to make a video on the game to hopefully intrigue others! Feel free to have a look, or use the video to promote your game! I'm looking forward to more and will definitely be following this!